Is your game good enough?

Up-and-coming gaming legends are legion, and they will soon swarm GOOD GAME ASIA, the newest reality-TV-show search for Asia’s next great gaming content creator. Mounted by and WarnerTV and helmed by ASIA’S GOT TALENT alum Jonathan Glazier as Director and Executive Producer, the show is slated for a June 10 premiere.

As CEO and co-founder of and creator of the Good Game reality-show concept, Raiford Cockfield III brings his acumen in gaming entertainment, entrepreneurship, commerce, and finance to the table. A veritable rockstar in his field, Cockfield is generally credited for expanding Twitch’s reach in the Asia Pacific. “’s mission is to aggregate and organise all opportunities in gaming and e-sports in one place.” he says, stressing the key role of GOOD GAME ASIA in hitting these marks. “I’m excited to launch the show and can’t wait to see it expand globally!”­

Jonathan Glazier is a decorated showrunner whose work and expertise have graced both traditional broadcast and digital media. A former BBC executive, his best-known director and executive-producer credits include ASIA’S GOT TALENT and AXN All-Stars. “The fusion of gaming and reality TV is long-overdue,” Glazier says, “I can’t wait to get GOOD GAME ASIA in front of an audience; it’s going to be awesome.”